What is illegal information?

Public display of obscene images


Obscene materials in which sex organs are explicitly displayed or almost displayed.

(Excludes displays for academic and medical purposes.)

Public display of child sexual abuse images


Images and videos of children (under 18 and actually existing) when the following is filmed:

1. Images of sexual intercourse or similar actions with children

2. Images which arise sexual appetite, depicting actions in which other persons are touching the sexual organs of children and/or actions in which the children are touching the sexual organs of other persons

3. Nude images of children (includes cases in which the child is partially dressed), which arise sexual appetite

Inducement for the purpose of prostitution


Invitation for prostitution or expressions which mediate prostitution.

Inducement in violation of “Online Dating Site Regulation Law”


E-bulletin boards that are considered to be online dating websites that induce children (under 18 years old) to be the counterpart for the following acts:

1. Sexual intercourse or acts similar to sexual intercourse

2. Dating with an unacquainted opposite sex in exchange for compensation

3. Dating with an unacquainted opposite sex that does not fall into either 1 or 2 mentioned above

Acts that publicly incite or entice drug-related crimes or abuse of controlled substances


Acts that incite or entice the following:

1. Cultivation of hemp, production and transfer of stimulant drugs

2. Abuse of controlled drugs (stimulant, narcotic, hemp and psychoactive drug).

Advertisements on controlled substances


Advertisements of products that can be regarded as controlled drugs (stimulant, narcotic, hemp and psychoactive drug).

Advertisements of scheduled drugs


Advertisements of products that contain scheduled drugs.

Advertisements of products suspected to be scheduled drugs


Advertisements of products suspicious of being scheduled drugs that are prohibited pursuant to the announcement of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Advertisements of unapproved drugs, regarding New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)


Advertisements of products containing substances that have been newly designated as scheduled drugs by the Ordinance of the Ministry, within the period between promulgation of the ordinance and its enforcement.

Inducement to transfer bank passbooks


Inducement to buy, sell and rent bank passbooks (includes cash cards and ID/password for mobile banking)

Inducement of rental or transfer of mobile phone without notice


Inducement of the following acts for mobile phones (includes SIM cards)

1. Onerous transfer without the permission of mobile phone operators

2. Transfer of mobile phones which are in the name of others

3. Onerous rental business without identity verification

Act that illegally requests the input of identification codes (phishing fraud)


Cases in which third parties pretend to be access administrators, create forged websites of existing companies and request input of ID and password. (Generally called "Phishing" Fraud)

Act that promotes illegal access (Unauthorized posting of ID, password)


Act that promotes illegal access, such as posting other person’s identification codes (ID, passwords) on e-bulletin boards, websites, etc. for no justifiable reason.