What’s targeted harmful information?

1.Information closely related to significant crimes

Transfer of handguns, etc.


Information that directly and explicitly induces the transfer of handguns, rifles, machine guns and artillery.

Manufacture of explosives, firearms, etc.


Information that is deemed to directly and explicitly promote the illicit manufacture of explosives or firearms.

Murder, etc.


Information that directly and expressly undertakes murder, robbery, non-consensual intercourse, etc., arson, kidnapping, injury, arrest and confinement, or intimidation.

Organ trafficking


Information that directly and explicitly induces organ trafficking.

Human trafficking


Information that directly and explicitly induces trafficking in persons.

Production of hydrogen sulfide gas


Information that teaches how to produce hydrogen sulfide gas and induces its production.

(It does not include those judged to be for academic purposes or those judged to be generally difficult to realize, such as industrial production methods.)



Information that directly and explicitly induces the undertaking of stalking acts, or acts that cause anxiety by "following" or "unsolicited acquisition of location information" under the Stalker Regulation Law.

Recruitment of perpetrators


Information that recruits people to commit crimes by offering extremely high payments without disclosing the specific nature or details of the work.

2.Suicide inducement information, etc.

Suicide Involvement


Information that offers to "help" or "undertake" the execution of suicide to a person implying committing suicide.

Solicitation or inducement of suicide


Information that induces or solicits others to commit suicide, such as calls for mass suicide.